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Fun Fact Committed to a Clean Environment Kim More than seven years ago two members of the Southwest General family made a commitment to promote a green environment for patients employees and visitors of the hospital. Today that commitment has translated into more than 99580 pounds of recycled papera significant environmental impact of When I first came to Southwest General in 2009 I noticed that the Corporate Office generated a lot of paper which was going directly into the trash. This led to a discussion about bringing River Valley Recycling to the hospital and educating employees on how to utilize a special bin for non-confidential paper. Thus the Green recycling Team was born Soon after I was introduced to Mel Hauser fellow recycler and board member and he has been a vital part of the Green Team ever since. Being able to assist in the initiative of reducing paper waste and the initiation of the single-stream recycling program has been a very fulfilling experience. Visitors and patients can easily see our commitment to the environment with the blue recycling bins located throughout the hospitals campuses. Kim Mulhall executive secretary Corporate Office and Green Team member In 2015 alone more than 17340 pounds of paper were recycled from Southwest General. In return this helped save more than 147 trees 60000 gallons of water and 34547 kilowatts of electricity. 846 trees 12447 pounds of carbon dioxide 348530 gallons of water 204139 kilowatts of electricity 164 cubic yards of landfill space 2987 pounds of air pollutants 49 homes heated for six months More than 2900 pounds of batteries kept from landfills Mel Being both a trustee and volunteer member of the Southwest General Green Team enables me to bring my passion for our environment to help expand our awareness of sustainability. At the time of joining the Green Team I was still a newbie trustee and oftentimes a bit overwhelmed by the financial reports we received and learning how this whole thing called a Health System operated. Soon after I assisted at a recycling collection event. It was then that I realized the direct connection I had been hoping to find. A waste audit yes literally picking through it piece by piece initiated by our team provided hospital administration and various department leaders with valuable cost-saving data. The Green Team emerged when we realized we could be doing something more than simply recyclingwe could impact sustainability. My responsibility as both a trustee and community member is to help guide hospital administration and leaders in following our mission Health is Our Passion. Quality is Our Focus. Compassion is Our Way. Whether as a trustee or as a member of the Green Team I will continue my work to build upon Southwest Generals impact as a sustainable community partner. Mel Hauser board member Southwest General Health Center Board of Trustees and Green Team member We see our commitment to the environment as one more way we can provide outstanding care for the communities we serve. Mel Hauser board member and Green Team member left and Kim Mulhall executive secretary and Green Team member.