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Growing our Roots Strength in our Community The Caring Communities Annual Campaign received an unprecedented level of support in 2015 with a 79 percent increase in the number of donors compared to just three years prior. In total more than 129000 was raised through the campaign which is dedicated to areas of need such as primary operations providing state-of-the-art equipment and staff education and training. We remain grateful to the hundreds of patients employees families and businesses that chose to make an important difference in 2015 right here in our own community. In 2015 there was continued growth of the Caring Communities Annual Campaign with total contributions received representing a more than 98 percent increase over 2012. 2012 2015 65168 129501 A Silver Anniversary The annual Southwest Community Health Foundation Golf Outing not only celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2015 but also netted a record-breaking total of more than 143436 The incredible generosity of our individual and corporate sponsors has led the event to nearly double net proceeds over the past several years. 72000 143436 2012 2015 The 2015 Golf Outing increased 95 percent over net proceeds in 2012. With Dignity and Compassion The Foundation continues to receive an outpouring of support for Southwest Generals exceptional end-of-life care. Direct donations to Hospice Services The Thomas P. Perciak Family Residential Hospice and The Dennis C. Simmerman Hospice Community Care Fund in addition to funds raised by the annual Festival of Lights and Luminaria events totaled more than 100000 in 2015. These critical funds help Southwest General provide comfort and compassionate care to patients who are nearing lifes final stages. The Dennis C. Simmerman Hospice Community Care Fund which provides special financial and care-related services to hospice patients and families with limited financial means received support from 233 donors in 2015 a nearly 200 percent increase from 2012. 2012 2015 78 Donors 233 Donors