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Caring Communities For nearly a century Southwest General has been a leader in helping people do what people are meant to do live their lives to the fullest. Through our highly regarded clinical staff state-of-the-art equipment and emphasis on compassion we remain dedicated to providing outstanding quality care to patients and families in the suburbs southwest of Cleveland. At every step the generosity and support of our community has fueled our endeavors Annual Campaign Carin g Commu nities Charity has been a building block of our hospital since 1912 when a group of civic-minded residents raised more than 100000 in just ten days to build the first Southwest General. That spirit of collective philanthropy lives on today at the Southwest Community Health Foundation and with your support will be carried forward into tomorrow through the Caring Communities Annual Campaign. The Caring Communities Annual Campaign is the largest ongoing fundraising initiative dedicated to the greatest needs of Southwest General. As a nonprofit health center we find these needs growing every day yet resources are increasingly limited. Thankfully your gift can play a critical role in the continued excellence of vital programs and services at Southwest General. You can make an important difference for a childs first visit to our Emergency Room a stroke survivor finding new life through physical therapy and rehabilitation or a cancer patient in need of comprehensive compassionate care. The perfect time to give is today. To join the hundreds in our community who choose to demonstrate their care you may Enclose your donation in the envelope included in this publication and mail to the Southwest Community Health Foundation Visit us at swgeneral.comways-to-give to make your gift immediately and securely online Call the Foundation office at 440-816-6713 Monday through Friday 830 a.m. 5 p.m. Your gift will help provide advanced equipment and technology continuing education and training for our staff and so much more. Together we can ensure the best care possible for our patients families neighbors and friends.