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Sprague Haven The Sprague Haven Society was created to honor and recognize those individuals who have pledged their support to the Southwest Community Health Foundation through a planned gift. The Society was named for Milton Sprague a Berea resident who donated his home to be used for patient care while the original Southwest General was being built nearly 100 years ago. A very special thank you to those members of the Sprague Haven Society listed below Mrs. Berda F. Allen Mrs. Patricia Boenker Mrs. Clarice M. Clemens Timothy and Sheryl Conway Mrs. Laura L. Cravens Mrs. Norma M. Daffin Mr. Gustav S. Dezsi Ms. Rita M. Elmer Mrs. Constance M. Frey Ms. Amelia Harding Mr. Philip J. Hasey Mr. Albert Heimsath Mr. John C. Jansma Patricia Kaye Jansma Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Juska Ms. Mimi M. Kerby Mr. J. Craig McClelland Mrs. Kathleen K. Mozser Dr. Vasu and Lisa Pandrangi Mayor and Mrs. Thomas P. Perciak Mrs. Doris A. Petras Dr. L. C. and Jean Rao Mr. and Mrs. Phil R. Rozzi Ms. Mary Sedlack Thomas and Deborah Selden Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Szczepanski Mrs. Rose Van Nortwick Mr. and Mrs. Alan E. Wheaton Jim and Marian Wiles Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Williams Anonymous Deceased Planned giving can have many possible advantages for you as a donor including income or estate tax deduction opportunities to enjoy fixed or variable income or supplement your retirement funds. We encourage all who are interested in supporting Southwest General through a planned gift to consult with an attorney or financial planner to discuss a plan that best suits your individual needs. No matter how it is structured you planned gift can make a lasting difference for Southwest General and our patients. Establishing a Charitable Gift Annuity Including Southwest General as a beneficiary in their will or estate plans Adding Southwest General as a recipient of a life insurance policy Constructing a multi-year giving plan that includes a planned giving component Members of the Sprague Haven Society create a legacy of support at Southwest General by