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Memorial and honorarium gifts provide a unique opportunity to pay special tribute to friends and loved ones. Below are those memorial and honorarium gifts made during 2015. Memorial and Honorarium Gifts for 2015 In honor of Ghassan A. Abdallah MD Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Barnish Rev. John W. Caddey Mrs. Anne L. Pennock Mr. John P. Synk In honor of Karyn Abdallah MD Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Barnish In memory of Anna F. Adams Mr. and Mrs. Theodore E. Banasik Ms. Cheryl Banasik Mr. and Mrs. Jerome C. Danielski Mr. and Mrs. James R. Roddy In memory of Donald Adams and Ellen Adams Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Gubanich In memory of Lorraine Allen Mr. and Mrs. Samuel R. Weaver Mr. Jeremy Weaver In memory of Robert L. Allen Mrs. Berda F. Allen In memory of Mina Mike Alurovic Mr. and Mrs. Michael Terrigno Ms. Marisa Terrigno In memory of John Jack T. Amy Mrs. Patricia L. Amy In memory of Bob Andrews Mr. and Mrs. James A. Manning In memory of Ruth Anghel Mr. James H. Jezior Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Pokorny Mr. George Stevens Deacon and Mrs. Charles E. Tweddell Jr. In memory of Jack Armstrong Mrs. Carole Dzilinski In memory of Leslie Ann Ashcroft Mr. Reynold L. Ashcroft In memory of Zdena Bellmore-Atkinson Mr. and Mrs. Robert Peck In memory of Blaze Backman Ms. Theresa Backman In memory of Stephanie Baga Mrs. Arlene C. DeFazio In memory of John Bahleda Mr. and Mrs. Gary J. Tata In memory of Victoria Bailer Mr. Leslie E. Adair Jr. Mr. Rick Bailer Mr. Lawrence Bailer Mr. D. Craig Barbee Mr. and Mrs. Bob T. Ciesick Dr. and Mrs. James D. Corcoran Dr. and Mrs. Frank J. Crocco Ms. Lori Dorocak Ms. Paula Foutz Mrs. Susan M. Hamilton Ms. Linda Lockman Mr. and Mrs. Peter F. Loyd Ms. Deborah Thornberry Mr. and Mrs. Richard Viviani In memory of Jeanne Baker Mr. Stephen S. Baker Ms. Marion R. Lightner In memory of Julie Baker Ms. Bernadette S. Katzenstein In memory of Richard Baldi Mrs. Carol Baldi Ms. Helen M. Kelly Mr. Gordon R. Kramp Mr. and Mrs. Karl A. Spengler Mr. and Mrs. Mearl E. Sutton Jr. Ms. Jean M. Thorrat Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Trammell Mr. and Mrs. Ken Yabuki In memory of Pamela Balon Mrs. Martha M. Plonski In memory of Dolores Banach Ms. Tanya Heydt Ms. Marcie Khrenovsky Ms. Vivian Kist Mr. and Mrs. John J. Moraco Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Penn Mr. Charles Stevens Ms. Lisa Stolarski In memory of Robert Bartholomew Ms. Nancy Bartholomew In memory of Elizabeth Basta Mr. and Mrs. Glen Aurelius Mr. and Mrs. R. Baldyga Ms. Betty Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Erik Chabek Mr. and Mrs. Michael Chiacchiero Mr. Ray Digman Ms. Athena Fleming Ms. Emma Griesmer Mr. Paul J. Iacobelli Ms. Joyce Karbon Mr. Kenneth Karbon Mr. and Mrs. John W. Kovelan Mr. and Mrs. John A. Lorincz Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Mack Mr. and Mrs. John Meyerhoffer Ms. Barbara A. Nader Mr. and Mrs. James Parkhurst Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Prendergast Mr. and Mrs. J. Quarles Mr. and Mrs. Larry A. Ross Mr. Matthew Sarris Mr. and Mrs. John Schram Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Seifert Ms. Cheryl Ann Tenhunfeld Voice Data Systems LLC Mr. and Mrs. J. Willman Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Wiseman Ms. Janice Yarrow In memory of Raymond and Elizabeth Basta Mr. and Mrs. Michael Groholy In memory of Herb and Dorothy Bate Pastor and Mrs. Charles R. Knerem In memory of Rita Becker Ken and Pam Aguilar Mr. Michael Becker Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wydra In memory of Robert E. Becker Mrs. Barbara A. Becker In memory of Theodore and Louise Bedford Ms. Charlene Bedford In memory of Bruce R. Belgrave Ms. Nancee J. Belgrave In memory of Kenneth Bellis Ms. Diane Bellis Ms. Jackie A. Brown Mr. and Mrs. John P. Brucken Ms. Kim Conway Ms. Janis L. Faehnrich Mr. Henry R. F. Griffin Ms. Stephanie Jones Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Lukat In memory of Sue Bender Mr. Ronald A. Bender In memory of Robert T. Bennett Ms. Julie Given Mr. Phillip A. Greenberg Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kozub Mr. and Mrs. James LaFontaine Mr. Daniel Matyac Mr. and Mrs. Mark Weaver In memory of Alma E. Benyak NYPH-IT IMPaCTeam Mr. Marc Stello In memory of Anna Marie Berg Mr. Donald L. Berg In memory of Jake Beyer Victor and Susan Carcioppolo In memory of William H. Beyer Mr. and Mrs. Donald P. Gleichauf In memory of Frank and Angelina Bianchi Mrs. Mary Ferrante In memory of Paul R. Bicking Mrs. Dorothy V. Bicking In memory of Kathleen Bigler Mrs. Shirley Grills In memory of David Binder Mr. George Binder Mr. and Mrs. Charles V. Cable Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd W. Dorner Mr. and Mrs. Ross Duncan Ms. Nancy D. Fuehrer Mr. and Mrs. Sean Hadley Mr. Clifford Hammeren Ms. Jan Harcourt Mrs. Alice Hyde Mr. Gary Naim Mrs. Anna M. Sarago Mr. and Mrs. Patrick A. White