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In memory of Constance M. Bittner Mr. and Mrs. Harry Postan In honor of Bradley Blackburn MD Dr. and Mrs. Walter E. Heyse In memory of Linda Boal Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Cali In memory of Marion Bogacki Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Bogacki In memory of Tom Bokros Ms. Antoinette Bokros In memory of Frances Boldin Ms. Susan Becker Mr. and Mrs. David Caperton Mr. and Mrs. Jack Cuiksa Mr. and Mrs. Wayne E. Eldridge Jr. Ms. Jaime A. Hart Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. Holocker Mrs. Lori Jagodzinski Carol and Gary James Mr. Earl Miller Mr. and Mrs. Jay Mullins Mr. and Mrs. Mykola Netreba Mr. and Mrs. Lance L. Newcomer Ms. Elizabeth J. Nowak Ms. Karen L. Patton Mrs. Esther A. Perotti Ms. Susanne K. Resse Ms. Janice Rodriguez Ms. Marie P. Rooy Ms. Rae Ellen Sievert Mrs. Carol J. Sleith Ms. Sammie L. Stanley Mr. and Mrs. Bradley J. Wehrman In memory of William C. Bomer Mrs. Marlene R. Bomer In memory of Walter Borkowski Mr. and Mrs. Richard Radway In honor of Andrea Boyd PA Ms. Nancy Krupzig In memory of Brent Boyd Dr. Virginia B. Collings In memory of Mel Boyd Dr. Virginia B. Collings In memory of Valerie and Thomas Boyd Dr. Virginia B. Collings In memory of Duane O. Boyer Mrs. Penny Boyer Mr. and Mrs. Melvin J. Grunau In memory of Francis J. Branic Mrs. Mary Ann Branic In honor of Gregory Branic Mrs. Mary Ann Branic In honor of Jeffrey Branic Mrs. Mary Ann Branic In memory of David Brasdovich Mrs. Marilyn Brasdovich Mrs. Gail Czapor Jones Day In memory of Glenn Brasdovich Mrs. Marilyn Brasdovich In honor of Debbie Brassell Mr. Paul J. Kline Jr. In memory of Jack Brassell Wayne and Debbie Brassell In memory of William Bremenour Mayor and Mrs. Thomas P. Perciak In memory of William Bill Brill Mr. and Mrs. Sean W. Brill In memory of Joe and Carina Britz Ms. Ann Britz In memory of Thomas D. Brock Mrs. Diane M. Brock In memory of Russell Brown Mrs. Catherine Jelkovac In memory of Joseph Bruner Mrs. Marie Bruner In memory of Nancy Bruno Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Smith In memory of Michael and Lucille Bruvarny Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Luszczynski In memory of Dr. Richard Brysacz Mr. and Mrs. A. Tassos Athineos Ms. Ketty Athineos Ms. Tanya Benz Mrs. Audrey Brysacz Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Downey Mr. and Mrs. William E. Dreyer Ms. Ruth M. Gable Mr. and Mrs. William E. Gable Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Havranek Mr. and Mrs. David Ilic Mr. and Mrs. Edward Jacob Mr. and Mrs. Timothy P. Johns Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Koberna Mr. and Mrs. Doug Leiby Mr. Michael Lennane Ms. Joan R. Lewis Dr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Meges Mr. and Mrs. Reed Mohler Mr. and Mrs. T. Edwin Norris Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Schmidt Ms. Janet C. Sekerak Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Spinner Ms. Judith A. Sultzbaugh Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Telzrow Charlene and Leo Terlep Mr. and Mrs. Howard Thompson Mr. and Mrs. John M. Vargo Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Wiedman Mr. Charles A. Worton Mr. and Mrs. Larry R. Zeglin Drs. Brian and Cynthia Zelis Ms. Mary Ann Zelis In memory of Ronald Buckholz Ms. Susan L. Adelsberger Ms. Maryann M. Babich Mr. and Mrs. Harland R. Baker Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Baldwin Mr. and Mrs. Alan B. Boesger Mr. and Mrs. Augusto C. Bordelois Mr. and Mrs. Ernest J. Brucchieri Jr. Mrs. Carol Buckholz Mr. and Mrs. Marshall C. Burrows Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Anthony S. Crimaldi Mr. and Mrs. John P. Cupedro Mrs. Joanne C. Draves Mr. Phillip L. Fulton John and Elizabeth Graef Ms. Lona Gruber Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Hatgas Eileen and Bob Herold Mr. Wayne Holmok Mr. Matthew I. Levine and Ms. Susan Hakala Mr. and Mrs. Randall S. Over Paris Opticians LLC Mr. and Mrs. Frank Petitt Dr. and Mrs. Neal J. Postel Mrs. Joan C. Ray Ms. Fran Roman Mr. and Mrs. Emil C. Rosol Mr. and Mrs. Zack W. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Spencer Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Sterbenz Mr. and Mrs. Jim Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. Yaugher In memory of Pete Buehler Mrs. Nancy L. Buehler Mr. and Mrs. Michael McCollum In memory of Father William Robertson Burden Rev. Carolyn O. Mikels In memory of Elliott Gary Burke Ms. Cheryl Lazroff In memory of Vincent and Kay Buzzelli Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Andrews In memory of Francis and Agnes Byrne Mr. and Mrs. Terrance K. Byrne In memory of Mary Byrnes Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Englehart In memory of Rochelle Caddey Rev. John W. Caddey In memory of Pamela Calabrase Mr. and Mrs. Carl Cathcart Mrs. Lucille Drummond Ms. Donna Garrity Mr. and Mrs. Patrick K. Hayes Mr. and Mrs. George Morton Ms. Jacqueline Musacchia and Mr. Timothy Barber Mr. and Mrs. John Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Cornell Turcu In memory of Robert Callaghan Mrs. Betty J. Callaghan In memory of Scott Callaghan Mrs. Betty J. Callaghan In memory of Constantino Gus Callas Ms. Estelle Callas In memory of Lois Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Campbell In memory of Bob Cappy Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cappy In memory of Kenneth and Mary Helen Carlson Mr. and Mrs. Jim Gotelaere In memory of Richard Carroll Beverly Ann Carroll In memory of Edward and Clara Cendrowski Ms. Laurel Dowd In memory of Eileen Chambers Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Cali Mr. Donald Chambers In memory of Carol Chappelle Ms. Tami Chappelle In memory of Robert Charles Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Madden Jr. In memory of Edward L. Chessar Sr. Ms. Karen A. Bodner