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Memorial and Honorarium Gifts Continued Mr. and Mrs. Barry L. Brumfield Mrs. Catherine Chessar Ms. Lucille A. Cranston Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Franko Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Hovan Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Klima Mr. John Link Mr. and Mrs. James S. Lukco Mr. and Mrs. Wayne E. Monaco North Royalton Civil Service Commission Ms. Debra J. Six Ms. Irene Southerington Ms. Donna M. Whitacre Mr. and Mrs. Walter V. Zimmer Sr. In memory of Guy and Mildred Christopher Mrs. Jean S. Romaniszyn In honor of Eneo and Rita Cifani Ann Denise Cifani In memory of Frances F. Cigany Ms. Coleen E. Gearhart In memory of Dr. Richard Cline Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Kalista In memory of Dorothy and Ward Collings Dr. Virginia B. Collings In memory of William Compton Ms. Monica Smolka In memory of Bernard M. Cooper Ms. Kristin Fox In memory of Helen Copeland Barbara and Patrick Rochford In memory of Norma Cornell Ms. Eileen Mincik Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Rukavina In memory of James Corsale Cassell Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Burch In memory of Ronald Cox Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Golden Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Held Ms. Karen L. Johnson In memory of Margaret Csernotta Mr. and Mrs. John E. Csernotta Mr. and Mrs. Timothy C. Douglas Mr. and Mrs. Bob Flandera Maryann and Andrew Kovalak Mr. and Mrs. Bradley A. Thomas Ms. Edith Yerger In memory of Paul Cuglewski Mrs. Maryann Cuglewski In memory of Polly Culver Ms. Jan Williams In memory of Leslie H. Curtner Ms. Annette Curtner In memory of Milton T. Cutteridge Jr. Ms. Linda Van Duyn In memory of Dr. Frank John DAmico Mr. and Mrs. Frank DAmico In memory of Jean DAmico Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Meserini Ms. Judith Ann Tehoke In honor of Belai Damtew M.D. Riverview Pointe Care Center In memory of Charles Chuck DeFazio Mrs. Arlene C. DeFazio In memory of Laura DeFranco Mr. Joseph DeFranco Ms. Marilyn Gannon Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Palermo Mr. and Mrs. John A. Plascak Mr. and Mrs. John Pokatello Mr. and Mrs. William A. Ritter Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Smith In memory of Bob DeMonia Mr. and Mrs. Bill R. Seitz In memory of William DeRov Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Plumb In honor of Michael F. Deucher MD Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Porter Bobbie Simmerman-Ramsey and Gary Ramsey Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Townsend In memory of Dorothy Devine Ms. Victoria Devine In memory of Ralph V. Diaz Jr. Mrs. Debra Klooz In memory of Patricia Dibbin Ms. Colleen Cundiff The Empire Company LLC Mr. and Mrs. Dan Greene Mr. and Mrs. David J. Halle Jr. Mr. and Mrs. David Iammarino Mr. and Mrs. George J. Palko Mr. and Mrs. Ronald N. Payto Saint Albert the Great Church Law Offices of Manbir S. Sandhu Ms. Char Subwick In honor of Sterling Dietrich Mr. and Mrs. Terrance K. Byrne In memory of Ernesto and Bianca DiGennaro Ms. Janice L. Douglas In memory of Adeline Dija Ms. Angela T. Marra Ms. Beverly J. Wallis In memory of Eugene and Doris DiLellis Mr. and Mrs. Sam J. Saraniti In memory of Evelyn and Sabbie DiLuciano Mr. and Mrs. J. Arnold Niehenke In memory of Betty Dodd Mr. William H. Dodd In memory of Harry Dodd Mr. and Mrs. John F. Brock Mr. and Mrs. David J. Carter Mr. William H. Dodd Mr. and Mrs. Joel A. Kostyu Mr. and Mrs. Tom Strauss In honor of Robert M. Dohar DO Ms. Nancy J. Dolinar Mrs. Joan Gullace Ronald and Marilyn Leach Mrs. Sharon A. Petrowski Paul and Rose Psota Riverview Pointe Care Center In honor of Christopher J. Dolega MD Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Porter In memory of John Drapcho Mr. and Mrs. Kevin R. Drapcho In memory of Thomas Dryer Sr. Ms. Jean Dryer In memory of Dennis Dubiaga Jane A. Marting-Miller In memory of Isabel Dublo Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Bogacki In memory of Paul G. DuBois Mr. and Mrs. Paul T. Dubois In memory of Goldie Ann Dunigan Mr. and Mrs. Rick E. Baker Mr. James Dunigan Mr. Larry Farley Ms. Jean Ferrier Ms. Nancy Floyd Ms. Patricia A. Goins Mr. David G. Hurrell Ms. Theresa R. Marzloff Sunshine Committee - Kidder Elementary Ms. Antonietta Zacharias In memory of Casmir Casey Dzilinski Mrs. Carole Dzilinski Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Scrima In memory of Margaret G. Egnot Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Plumb In memory of Judy Ehlen Ms. Patsy Logan In memory of Katherine Esper United Way of Greater Cleveland Ms. Joanne Strnad In honor of Craig M. Eyman DO Ms. Marie K. Mills In memory of Bill and Betty Eynon Mrs. Deborah L. OBrien In memory of Gene Faur Strongsville Chamber of Commerce In memory of Alan K. Feiler Mrs. Sandra L. Feiler In memory of Bill Fiala Ms. Victoria Devine In memory of Steve and Wanda Filipek Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Terlep In memory of Josef Fischer Mrs. Katharina Fischer In memory of Pat and Jane Flaherty Mr. and Mrs. George A. Hofmann