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In memory of Bethanne Flamik Wayne and Debbie Brassell In memory of Gary Florentine Riley Florentine In memory of Joyce Folliett Mr. and Mrs. Richard N. Barry Ms. Colleen Flanagan Mr. Donald E. Kunzen In memory of Capt. Paul Fossum Mrs. Helene Fossum In memory of Gordon Fournier Mr. Howard E. Thompson In memory of John and Olga Fox Ms. Michelle M. Fox In memory of Lucille Franz Mr. and Mrs. William Ferkol Mrs. Betty Miker Ms. Carol A. Moehring Ms. Jewel Thompson Ms. J. Kay Winters In memory of William Frey Connie Frey In memory of Dale Fuchs Ms. Laurie A. Taylor In memory of William Fuerst Mr. and Mrs. James A. Bontempo de maximis inc. Ms. Janet Diamond Mrs. Mary Frey Ms. Flora M. Fuerst O M Inc. K.M. Sobczak Mrs. Janet E. Ziol In memory of Frank and Marie Fuka Mr. and Mrs. Walter H. Sadowski In memory of Angela Furfaro Wayne and Debbie Brassell In memory of Patricia Furfaro Wayne and Debbie Brassell In memory of Thomas Gaglione Mrs. Lillian L. Gaglione In memory of Joseph Galgoczy Mrs. Martha M. Plonski In memory of Virginia Gallagher Ms. Judy Stacho In memory of Lawrence Larry Ganim Ms. Melissa Heckman In memory of Jean A. Garcia Ms. Tina Davis Mr. Anthony Garcia Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Stoehr In memory of Dolores Gardner Mr. Leonard Gardner In memory of Edward Gavala Ms. Patricia A. Gavala In memory of Kathleen Geddes Ms. Maureen Cummings Hagerty Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kalfas Ms. Gayle A. Robbins-Monteith Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Williams In memory of Anne A. Gedeon Mr. and Mrs. Bernard G. Gerecke In memory of Beverly E. Gembicki Mr. and Mrs. Ronald B. Gembicki In memory of Mary Gerecke Mr. and Mrs. Bernard G. Gerecke In memory of Jason R. Geyer Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Geyer In memory of Robert Gilbert Mr. and Mrs. Rick Gluszek Mrs. Debra Klooz In memory of Ruth Gilbert Mr. and Mrs. Rick Gluszek In honor of Richard A. Gittinger MD Dr. and Mrs. Walter E. Heyse In memory of Richard A. Gluszek Mrs. Martha Gluszek In memory of Beatrice and Lloyd Gobert Ms. Donna Catling In memory of Bob Goff and Lillian Goff Ms. Christina Goff In memory of William Bill Gorton Mr. and Mrs. George E. Haag In memory of Margaret Gotelaere Mr. and Mrs. Jim Gotelaere In memory of Alexander Goverdovski Ms. Tanya Vinci In memory of Arnold and Louise Green Dan and Karen Green In memory of Harry Green Mr. and Mrs. Andrew P. Shymske Mr. and Mrs. David Shymske Ms. Vera Zgodzinski In memory of John and Mary Grega Mr. and Mrs. Richard Grega In memory of John Grega Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Grega In memory of Kenneth Grills Mrs. Shirley Grills In memory of Charlotte Grisanti Ms. Helen A. Campanella Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Devlin Mr. Melvin M. Koshar Mr. and Mrs. Gerald J. Rich Mr. and Mrs. Simon Saba In memory of Frank Gritti Mr. and Mrs. Marshall C. Burrows Mr. Gregory Capito Mr. and Mrs. John A. Chervenak Mrs. Angela B. Dickinson GE Foundation GE Healthcare Labor Relations Team GE Lighting HR Team GE Electric Somerset Glass Plant Mr. and Mrs. John Gritti International Union IUE-CWA Local 301 International Union IUE-CWA Local 84707 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Lavalle Mr. and Mrs. Dave Oldani Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Palmer Mr. and Mrs. Leonard B. Pekar Mr. and Mrs. Paul N. Phillips Mr. and Mrs. Gust Poulos Mr. and Mrs. Albert W. Reinke Mr. and Mrs. Donald Steeves Mr. Angelo Thomas Ms. Victoria K. Uschold Mr. and Mrs. Robert Weathers In memory of John Grospitch Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Bartkiewicz Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Slisz Mr. and Mrs. John M. Towarnicky In memory of James Gross Mr. and Mrs. George E. Haag In memory of Edward J. Gullace Mrs. Joan Gullace In memory of Kerry Gump Ms. Debbie Amata In honor of Ramesh C. Gundapaneni MD Mr. and Mrs. Terrance K. Byrne In memory of Elizabeth Betsy Guy Mr. and Mrs. James R. Shugar In memory of Anthony Guzik Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bailey Mr. and Mrs. Jack L. Bailey Mr. and Mrs. Steven E. Debow Mr. and Mrs. William J. Emrhein Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Friedmann Ms. Nancy Loepp Ms. Ann R. Patrick Mr. Roman Petrowski Mr. and Mrs. Angelo N. Pimpas Mrs. Elsie Rompala In memory of Margaret Guzik Ms. Pamela Beran Citizens Bank Ms. Andrea Crowe and Mr. Michael McEvoy Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Gannon Ms. Laura Proske Ms. Aileen Sweeney In memory of Thomas S. Hajek Mr. and Mrs. Jay Mullins In memory of Ellen Jeanine Hammeren Brown Strauss Steel Mr. Clifford Hammeren Mr. Norman Hammeren Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lane Mrs. Anne L. Pennock Ms. Pauline Schneekloth Ms. Connie J. Slagle Mr. Jack Warning In memory of Joanne Hanczrik Ms. Mildred Ancin Brinkman Turkey Farms Inc. Mrs. Arlene Ryba Mr. and Mrs. Mack Sallows Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Vergilii WebArt LLC In memory of Gerald F. Haney Mrs. Jane T. Haney In memory of Noreen Harbart Mr. Edmund A. Harbart Ms. Phyllis Marderosian