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Another wonderful year has come to a close and we couldnt be more thrilled with the outcomes. Two thousand fifteen proved to be a great year for the Southwest Community Health Foundationa year of successful events leadership transition Capital Campaign wrap up and noteworthy community support. Theres no doubt about it we live and work in a special community and we are blessed that your support helps us continue to provide great health care close to home. We believe that giving is one of the best investments an individual can make toward achieving genuine happiness. And make no mistake your gifts are an investment. For instance your gifts assist in providing our nursing staff with scholarship opportunities which help to advance their careers through educationso that we may provide even better care to your family friends and neighbors. Also your investments assisted in the creation of the new patient bed tower Pandrangi Tower which provides patients with private hospital rooms and state-of-the-art equipmentthe best that you will find in any local hospital no matter the size of the system. Additionally your gifts help support many other programs and services at Southwest General. These include the wonderful caregivers at The Thomas P. Perciak Family Residential Hospice the Home Health nurses who are in our community every day helping those who need health care in the comfort of home and the hospitals Telemedicine Program which allows our patients to be in touch with their caregivers without needing to be in the hospital. Also your gifts help us to provide nationally recognized award-winning heart and stroke care. The list could go on and on but the message is simplewe need your investment to continue to offer all that we do. We know how great it feels to receive gifts. Also we know how the people who support Southwest General feel when they share their gifts with us. Truly giving from the heart fills your life with joy and nourishes your soul and what we can offer in return is simply a heartfelt thank you At Southwest General we are about people and we are lucky to work with such caring volunteers who give their time not only to volunteer at the hospital but also to serve on our boards or Corporate Committees and to provide assistance at our events. Thank you In 2016 and beyond we will remain about people as we know what a crucial part of life Southwest General plays for our communities southwest of Cleveland. It is an honor to be YOUR community hospital. Best wishes for a prosperous 2016. Sincerely Message from Southwest Community Health Foundation Steven P. Bossart Carl K. McLaughlin Steven P. Bossart Executive Director Southwest Community Health Foundation Carl K. McLaughlin Chairman Southwest Community Health Foundation Steven Carl