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Memorial and Honorarium Gifts Continued In memory of Mary Jo Harbert Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Bergstrom Ms. Nancy A. Cutright Ms. Barbara Gillmore Mrs. Barbara Jones Mr. and Mrs. Lowell S. McCollough Mrs. Peggy Nicholas Mrs. Joyce A. Wyatt In memory of Thomas E. Harrington The Chudoba Family Mr. and Mrs. Timothy F. Holland Mr. and Mrs. Barry Martin Mrs. Rita A. Mulcahy Mr. Michael R. Otley and Ms. Leanne J. Mazey Ms. Michelle Ponziano Mrs. Nancy A. Stradtman Mr. and Mrs. John Wargo Dale and Paula Warnecke Mrs. Nancy Whitten In memory of Margaret C. Hays Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Fowler Arcadis Mr. and Mrs. Guy Jamesson Mr. and Mrs. Wendell D. Smitley In memory of Mary Hegyi Mrs. Kathleen M. Hegyi In memory of George and Shirley Heideloff Ms. Janice L. Douglas In memory of Lois Jean Helsel Mr. William Helsel In memory of Janet Heymeyer Mr. and Mrs. Bob T. Ciesick Ms. Shirley Hand Ms. Donna L. Straka Mr. Robert Torok In memory of Beverly Henschen Mrs. Brenda Pennline In memory of Johann Hepp Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Bowen Mr. and Mrs. James R. Costigan Mrs. Janet Crissinger Jamie and Nick Hepp Wayne and Kelly Linson Ms. Denise M. Pavsek Pfizer Inc. Ms. Tricia Reed Mr. William J. Reed Mrs. Anne M. Rossoll Sumitomo SHI Demag Plastics Machinery In memory of Irene Heppner Ms. Charlotte I. Heppner In memory of Robert Lee Herrick Mr. and Mrs. Michael McCollum In memory of Violet Hervatin Mr. Andrew Hervatin In memory of Frances Hinson Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Cali Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Menzing Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Taylor In memory of Joseph Hinson Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Cali In memory of Betty Hobson Mr. James Hobson In memory of Bernice R. Horbaly Mr. and Mrs. Bob T. Ciesick In memory of James Horneck Mrs. Janet Erbacher Mrs. Allyson Harmon In memory of Rev. Charles H. Hosutt Mrs. Ruth E. Hosutt In memory of Delores Hruby Mr. and Mrs. Richard V. Costas In memory of Joseph Hruby Mr. and Mrs. Richard V. Costas Mr. and Mrs. Jerome L. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Wade In memory of Kenneth and Cora Hugh Mrs. Shirley L. Wiecek In memory of Jody Hules Mr. and Mrs. Gien Stout In memory of Barbara Humberson Mr. Claude E. Humberson In memory of Lillian V. Istvanyi Ms. Pauline D. Pollack In memory of Hedwig Ivanovich Ms. Pat Ahren Ms. Paula Bainbridge Ms. Elizabeth J. Bainbridge Vitez Ms. Mary Grace Gabriel Mr. and Mrs. James Gorsline Mr. Neal H. Hesche Ms. Maria Hillinger Mr. and Mrs. David Hostetler Ms. Carol Kofol Mr. and Mrs. James J. Kovach Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Kucler Ms. Tina Luchin Ms. Lois A. Riddles Ms. Sandra J. Sikorski Mr. and Mrs. William J. Spanfellner Ms. Laurel Webster In memory of Edward S. Jackson Mrs. Corrine Jackson In memory of Edna Jacobs Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Jacobs In memory of Anna Jacobson Mr. and Mrs. John T. Jacobson In memory of Charles V. Jamison Ms. Cathy Doering In memory of Aileen D. Jankowski Mr. and Mrs. Sam F. Annibale In memory of Margaret Jansen Mrs. Laura J. Howerton In honor of John and June Jansma Patricia K. Jansma In memory of Eldred and Bernice Johnson Ms. Coleen E. Gearhart In memory of Paul A. Jones Mrs. Joni French In memory of Albert Josie Ms. Lisa Winkleman Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Yager In memory of Walter Joyce Ms. Cecelia Banholzer Ms. Darlene Chalmers Mr. Charles Clawson Mr. and Mrs. Terry DeLap Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell V. Holden Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Masek Mr. and Mrs. Raymond McCall Mr. and Mrs. Nick Meddis Ms. Pauline Mollette Mrs. Brenda Pennline Mrs. Allayne G. Reese Mr. Kenneth Richardson Mr. Brian Schleppi SecureState LLC Mr. and Mrs. Ted Stecko Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Uher Sr. Ms. Amy Walker Mr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Weir In memory of John Junker Mrs. Mary Lou Junker In memory of Leonard Kacik Mrs. Sharron E. Kacik In memory of David A. Kaiser Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Terlep In memory of Aristi Kalucis Peter and Robyn Szeles In memory of Richard Kamczyc Mrs. Eleanor Kamczyc In memory of Frank R. Kaminski Mrs. Marguerite Kaminski In memory of Dr. John Kane Mrs. Nancy S. Kane In memory of Mark Kane Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Beckman Mr. and Mrs. Jim DeFelice Mr. and Mrs. David A. DelPropost Mr. and Mrs. Max W. Fischer Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Garcowski Ms. Elizabeth Lamatrice Ms. Teresa A. Tomaine Ms. Elizabeth A. Young In memory of Margaret Kaparoff Mr. Paul Kaparoff In memory of Ann F. Karmilowicz Mr. and Mrs. Michael McCollum In memory of Mary Jane and Joseph Karoly Mr. and Mrs. Ray Karoly In memory of Rev. Earnest and Mrs. Dorothy Kelley Reverend Leroy and Mrs. Elaine McCreary In memory of Jack Kempf Mrs. Mary Ann Kempf In memory of James W. Kepke Mrs. Sandra B. Kepke