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Memorial and Honorarium Gifts Continued In memory of Edward and Henrietta Luszczynski Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Luszczynski In memory of Joan Lutz Mrs. Barbara J. Gardner Mr. and Mrs. Timothy B. Miller Ms. Liz Suesse Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Troyan Ms. Susan M. Vassel Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wentz In memory of Jack and Frances Lyons Ms. Patricia F. Giblin In memory of Helen Mack Mrs. Helen L. Belovich Mr. and Mrs. Rodney J. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Richard Deutsch Jack and Barb Draves Ms. Barbara Dworznik Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Fischbach Mr. and Mrs. Arthur R. Fitzgerald Mr. and Mrs. Leonard J. Gierosky Ms. Dolores C. Gonsior Mr. and Mrs. David H. Hammer Ms. Suzanne C. Hatchell Dr. and Mrs. Walter E. Heyse Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Horn T.R. and C.M. Kovalchik Mr. and Ms. Kenneth E. Mack Arlene and Francis Novak Olympia Homeowners Association Ms. Diana Phillips Mr. and Mrs. John Pickersgill Mrs. Irma Schaufele Mr. Robert Sedlock Dr. and Mrs. Algirdas J. Skrinska Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Szakacs Mr. and Mrs. David L. Thompson In memory of Ronald W. Mack Mrs. Shirleyann Mack In memory of Isabelle Pat Mader Ms. Charlotte I. Heppner Ms. Judith C. Mader In memory of Walter Mades Ms. Donna M. Roter In honor of Subhash C. Mahajan MD Wayne and Debbie Brassell In memory of Jane Maki Mr. and Mrs. William E. Goette In memory of John Makuch Mrs. Dorothy Makuch Ms. Carol A. Russo In memory of William Malloy Mrs. Helen Malloy In memory of Christine Mally Ms. Monica Garran In memory of Dominic Mante Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Kozusnik Ms. Ursula A. Lyons Ms. Rosemary McLaughlin In memory of Gerald Marfizo Mr. and Mrs. James M. Durkot Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Furmanchik Gordon Food Service Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Martin Ms. Stacy M. Poe Mr. and Mrs. John Shapiro Mr. and Mrs. Louis Stalzer Mrs. Constance Sypniewski In memory of Jack Marstellar Mr. and Mrs. William M. Cronin Mrs. Mary E. Marstellar In memory of Everett Massey Mrs. Brenda Massey In memory of Kathleen Mastronuzzi Mr. and Mrs. Wayne A. Weinschreider In memory of William R. Maupin Ms. Shirley A. Maupin In honor of Richard C. McBurney MD Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Fisher In memory of Joseph McCandlish Jr. Darice Inc. Ms. Angela DeRosa In memory of Bill McCleery Mrs. Iris N. McCleery In memory of Sylvia and Roy McCollum Mr. and Mrs. Michael McCollum In memory of Marian E. McDermott Mr. Donald Chambers In memory of Jack E. McDonald Mrs. Judith E. McDonald In memory of Dennis McEntee Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Hansen Mr. and Mrs. Michael McCollum Mrs. Martha J. McEntee In memory of Eileen McEntee Ms. Barbara H. Duda Mr. Michael F. McEntee In memory of Ron McEntee Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Hansen Mr. and Mrs. Michael McCollum Mrs. Martha J. McEntee In memory of Harry McGrath Mr. and Mrs. Jim Gotelaere In memory of Charlotte McIver Mr. Kevin M. McIver In memory of James A. McKim Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Burovac Mr. and Mrs. Timothy C. Costello Mr. Christopher DiVito Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Ference Mrs. Gail J. Fessenden Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Hatgas Mr. and Mrs. Mark Honard Ms. Joanne Karaba Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan H. Krol Mr. and Mrs. Theodore J. Kurela Mrs. Mary K. McKim Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. McManus Middleburg Heights Womens Club Mr. and Mrs. Eugene M. Mikel Mrs. Alma M. Oros Mr. and Mrs. Dennis A. Owens Mr. L.B. Smith and Ms. Leesa True-Smith In memory of Roberta McLaren Mrs. Helen E. May Mr. and Mrs. Bruce J. McLaren Mr. and Mrs. Terry D. Schneider In memory of Daniel R. McMillen American Legion Auxiliary Post 91 In memory of Ed Megyesi Mrs. Melanie Megyesi In memory of Richard D. Meiser Ms. Marlene M. Meiser In memory of William Melendez Ms. Susan Boose Ms. Janet Lawrence Ms. Marie Palanca In memory of Norman Menton M.D. Southwest General Health Center In memory of Dennis Merholz Mrs. Jane Merholz In memory of Allen Metzler Mrs. Maria Babula Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Garn Ms. Ellen Jackson Mr. Brian A. Kljun Ms. Susan Lambrecht Mr. and Mrs. William R. Stewart In memory of Joanne Mietus Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Richards In memory of David Mihacevich Mrs. Lynn Mihacevich In memory of Rev. Russell and Genevieve Mikels Mr. and Mrs. Michael McCollum In memory of Elmer and Virginia Mille Dennis and Diane Mille In memory of Elsie E. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Ray Miller In memory of Ralph P. Miller Mr. David K. Ballinger Ms. Mary Elizabeth Cummins Ms. Patti Derringer Mr. and Mrs. William W. Gahr Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Humenik Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence K. Kolinski Mr. Todd Princehorn Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Voelkel In memory of Rita J. Miller AmericanCulinaryFederationInc. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Becka Mrs. Bonnie L. Becka Mrs. Patricia Bender Mr. and Mrs. Frank Berg Mr. and Mrs. Robert Carney Cres Cor Mrs. Casmira D. DiScipio Mr. and Mrs. Thaddeus Frankowski Mr. Mark Kapinski Ms. Marian T. Koster Mr. and Mrs. Kevin McGraw Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Edward Pfister Bohdan Pihuliak Ms. Elizabeth Schroeder Ms. Angela M. Schurger