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Specialty Equipment Sales Company Mr. Michael J. Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. William Tucholsky Mr. Frank Zippay In memory of Mary Miner Mrs. Helen Malloy In memory of Carol Miska Mrs. Kathleen A. Hechko In memory of Joyce Mitchell Ms. Jacqueline J. Schule In memory of Gladys Mobley Mr. Dennis A. Lewis In memory of Judith A. Moeller Ormond Beach Firefighters Association Local 3499 In memory of Eugenia and George Moll Mr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Nelson In memory of Edward C. Moore Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Bloch Roseanne and Michael Deucher Dogwood Estates Homeowners Association Mr. and Mrs. Michael Geschke Ms. Connie Lang Ms. Maryellen Smith In memory of Bob Morgan Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Dobbins In memory of John Morovich Mrs. Duanna M. Morovich In memory of John Mortensen Mr. and Mrs. Michael McCollum Ms. Julie Mortensen In memory of Dennis Mozser Mrs. Kathleen K. Mozser In memory of Carole Mraz Mr. Kenneth J. Mraz In honor of Valji D. Munjapara MD Paul and Rose Psota In memory of George W. Murphy Mrs. Patricia J. Murphy In memory of James and Bertha Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Murphy In memory of Jason Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Murphy In memory of John Murray Mr. and Mrs. Dave Snell In memory of Eleanor Muscarella Holy Family Sodality of St. Rocco Church In memory of Joseph and Genevieve Nadhajsky Ms. Pauline D. Pollack In memory of Ruth Nash Pat Pachtler In memory of Joan Mary Naso Mr. and Mrs. Eric Brubeck Compassionate Friends Mr. and Mrs. Norbert J. Hobrath Mr. Patrick J. Iacano Patricia and Thomas Laub Mr. and Mrs. Carl Naso Mr. Fredric Pratt Mr. Kevin Rusnak In memory of Ellen Needham Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Needham In memory of Louise Neifer Mr. and Mrs. John R. Kish Mr. Oliver Rotzell In memory of Ethel Neiswinter Mrs. June A. Helms Royal Redeemer Lutheran Church Shenandoah Village Association Mr. and Mrs. David Trimm Mr. and Mrs. Cyril Urbancic Mr. and Mrs. Dennis K. Wilker In memory of Robert Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Nelson In memory of Delbert Newhouse Mr. and Mrs. Dave Giesel In honor of Gina Noel Mrs. Regina A. Cardello In memory of James Norris Mrs. Margaret M. Norris In memory of Helen Nottingham Mr. and Mrs. Hally B. Nottingham In memory of Lawrence K. Novick and Joyce M. Novick Mrs. Cynthia S. Novick-Nici In memory of Robert Nowell Jr. Ms. Christine Barnes Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Metzger Mrs. Mary Nowell In memory of Bob OBrien Mrs. Deborah L. OBrien In memory of Harold OHare Mrs. Sandra OHare In memory of Don and Betty Obert Mrs. Donna J. Wessner In memory of Russell T. Ohlrogge D. Chan Mr. and Mrs. Michael Clark Mrs. Margaret A. Clark Kyriaco Damascus D.M.D. M.S.D Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Farruggia Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Hoberecht Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hollo Ms. Kelly Hovan Mrs. Candace K. Jelinek Mr. Nick Kardamis Ms. Patrice Kearney Behnke Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Kessler Donna M. and Alex I. Koler Ms. Ann Krepps Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Kyser Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Lovasky Mrs. Ann Miley Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Ohlrogge Mrs. Regina C. Ohlrogge Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey T. Oswald Mrs. Jane M. Parker Mr. Jerry Popek Mr. Martin Reichbaum Ms. Lillian Scafidi Ms. Patricia Schultz Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Szwec Ms. Helene Toporowych Mr. and Mrs. Robert Trzebuckowski Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Valentin Mr. and Mrs. Mario F. Vento Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Whipkey Ms. Rada Zivkovic In memory of Herman Olson Mr. and Mrs. Michael McCollum In memory of Charlotte Orsino Mr. and Mrs. Rick Gluszek In memory of Robert Ostrander Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Ostrander Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Updike In memory of Frank Chick Panaccione Mr. and Mrs. Russell L. Kostyack In honor of Mark Panigutti MD Michael and Erma Kalinich Bruce S. and Kim L. Milne In memory of Colman Papp Mr. and Mrs. Robert Griffin Ms. Carolyn Horwedel In memory of Martha Parent Ms. Kathy Johnson In memory of Lewis and Marion Parker Mrs. Brenda Pennline In memory of Stephen Paroda Mrs. Rita T. Paroda In memory of Regina Pascal Mr. and Mrs. Rick Gluszek In memory of Robert Paulini Mr. and Mrs. Roy E. Demming Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Krueger Lehmann Farms3 Antigua CT Mrs. Patricia McIntire Ms. Holly L. Ozinga Mr. and Mrs. Jared M. Pawlak Denise and Floyd Winters In memory of Francis Paulovich Mrs. Janet Paulovich In memory of Richard Paulus Mr. and Mrs. Michael V. Dube In memory of Thomas and Marie Paulus Mr. and Mrs. Michael V. Dube In memory of Bertha Pease Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Baldin In memory of Gordon and Vera Peppy Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Ropas In memory of Demetrio L. Peralta MD Dr. and Mrs. Robert Merhar Mrs. Pureza G. Peralta In honor of Mayor and Mrs. Thomas P. Perciak Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Perciak Jr. Ms. Sandra L. Perciak Mr. Kenneth J. Perek Mrs. Martha M. Plonski In memory of Walter and Agnes Perciak Mayor and Mrs. Thomas P. Perciak In memory of Mary Tina Perotti Mr. and Mrs. David Bakula Mr. and Mrs. Robin D. Barto