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Memorial and Honorarium Gifts Continued Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. David Barto Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Brochetti Ms. Patricia Fowler Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas J. Furio Beverly and Van Hajek Mr. and Mrs. Dennis D. Heipp Mr. and Mrs. William T. Hilf The Holy Family Sodality of St. Rocco Church Mr. Marco L. Mazzone Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Melillo Mr. and Mrs. Jay Mullins Mr. and Mrs. Paul Noel Mrs. Esther A. Perotti Mr. and Mrs. William Rhoades Mr. Rocco Yascone Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Zwilling In memory of Ernest Pesek Brunswick Firefighters Local 3568 In memory of Jeanette Pesek Mr. and Mrs. William M. Cronin In memory of Caroline M. Peterson Crystal Earth Magic LLC Ms. Sally J. Peterson In memory of Helen Peterson Mr. and Mrs. John T. Jacobson In memory of Christopher Petrie Mrs. Gladys Petrie In memory of Joseph L. Petrie Sr. Mrs. Gladys Petrie In memory of Leida Petrie Mrs. Gladys Petrie In memory of Teresa Engle Petsock Ms. Carol A. Russo In memory of Virginia Joy Phoenix Mrs. Dorothy V. Bicking In memory of Charlotte Piersa Mr. and Mrs. Craig Farkas Mr. and Mrs. Louis Onders In memory of Rosina and Steve Pilhartz Ms. Monica Hargis In memory of Frank Pleva Mrs. Dolores Pleva In memory of John and Dorothy Podhradsky Dennis and Diane Mille In memory of John and Jeanette Polk Dan and Karen Green In memory of Mark Pollack Ms. Pauline D. Pollack In memory of Dianne Powell Ruth and Jim Brickley Mr. Arthur Buanno Mr. and Mrs. Bob Horn Mr. and Mrs. David Hutter Mr. and Mrs. Dale G. Hutter Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Kovacs Mr. and Mrs. Dale Kremer Ann and Vic Leo Ms. Shannon New Spangler Mr. and Mrs. Cyril Pavka Mr. Terry L. Rader In memory of Julia Prasen Mr. and Mrs. John R. Gorman In memory of Steve and Helen Puskas Michael and Erma Kalinich In memory of Jack Pylick Mrs. Carol A. Pylick In memory of Alice Rademaker Brooklyn Education Association Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Daugherty Mrs. Bernice Ferry Mrs. Shirley L. King K Kinney Mr. Alvin I. Kowalski Ms. Gail E. Kowalski Mr. and Mrs. Ernest J. Kozma Ms. Dianna L. Lane Mrs. Dorothy Makuch Mr. and Mrs. John Murray Mr. and Mrs. Robert Perry Ms. Carol A. Russo Mr. Ronald E. Snyder and Ms. Karen Kosuda In memory of Robert Ralls Mr. and Mrs. Paul B. Madow Mr. and Mrs. Craig A. Ralls Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Toole In memory of Stephen and Arline Rash Deborah J. Zeleznak In memory of Ray Raski Mrs. Virginia Raski In memory of Robert Raymond Dostal Bokas Funeral Services Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Boehlefeld Mr. and Mrs. Barry C. Hobson Mr. and Mrs. Meryl J. Hossfeld Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Oleska Mr. and Mrs. James A. Polcar Ms. Donna L. Poulsen Mrs. Ruth E. Raymond Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Wing Mr. Harry S. Wise Mr. and Mrs. Joe Wisniewski Mr. and Mrs. Scott Woods In memory of Ronald Readinger Mrs. Catherine E. Readinger In memory of Louis and Alan Resler Mrs. Mary Resler In memory of Richard and Helen Rhodes Mr. and Mrs. Bruce E. Sill Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Woollett In memory of Eva Rice Clemans Nelson Associates Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Scanlon In memory of Jeanne Rice Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Rice In memory of Marge Ristoff Mr. and Mrs. Bruce E. Sill Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Woollett In memory of Louciano Rodriguez Ms. Janice Rodriguez In honor of Gregory J. Rogers MD Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Townsend In memory of Barbara Rolleston Mr. and Mrs. Scott B. Lange In memory of Norene Rollins Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Geyer In memory of Richard Romaniszyn Mrs. Jean S. Romaniszyn In memory of Joseph and Alice Ropas Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Ropas In memory of Cathy Lynn Rowley Ms. Edith C. Berry In memory of Ann Marie Ruhl Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Jeresko Donna M. and Alex I. Koler Mr. and Mrs. Dennis McElroy Mr. and Mrs. James Mossbruger Ms. Jan O. Shaffer In memory of Donald A. Rupp Mrs. Elizabeth M. Rupp In memory of Lenny Samosky Jr. Mrs. Linda Samosky In memory of Jean Sanchelli Mr. Robert R. Alden In memory of Doris Sanitato Ms. Nancy Arnold Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Betlejewski Mr. Peter J. Borns Ms. Ondrea DiFino Mr. and Mrs. Anthony D. Donofrio Mrs. Mary J. Hoyt Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Kaltenbach Jr. Dr. and Mrs. John Maher Ms. Sandra M. Majba Mrs. Susan A. McGregor Mr. David Meyer Mr. and Mrs. Richard Novak Mrs. Loren Radford Ms. Marian Riestenberg Mrs. Cornelia Ryan Office of Dr. James J. Sanitato Ms. Dolores M. Sirocky Mr. and Mrs. Paul Thamann Tri-State Centers for Sight In memory of Rosalie Saraniti Mr. and Mrs. Sam J. Saraniti In memory of Nicholas Sarris Mrs. Maria P. Sarris In memory of John Sasena Michael and Mary Slattery In memory of Ned Schabel Ms. Patsy Logan In memory of Jakob Schaufele Mrs. Irma Schaufele In memory of Henry Schell Ann Denise Cifani