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In memory of John and Josephine Schell Ann Denise Cifani In memory of Chuck Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. Terrance K. Byrne In memory of Ethel Schmitz Mr. and Mrs. Richard Schmitz In honor of Scott G. Schnell MD Dr. and Mrs. Walter E. Heyse In memory of Margaret Schraff Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Bartch In memory of Dean Schultz Mrs. Martha M. Plonski In memory of Thomas Scislo Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Scislo In memory of David Scott Mrs. Janet Crissinger In memory of Rev. Joyce Seaman A.J. Rose Manufacturing In memory of JoAnna Seaton Mr. James Seaton In memory of Virginia Seeger Mrs. Jane A. Marting-Miller In memory of June Seelbrede Mr. and Mrs. Bob T. Ciesick In memory of Lillian Seitz Dick and Sandy Heidecker In memory of Joe and Betty Selden Thomas and Deborah Selden In memory of Melvin F. Selden Mrs. Anne L. Pennock Bobbie Simmerman-Ramsey and Gary Ramsey Peter and Robyn Szeles In honor of Thomas A. Selden Bobbie Simmerman-Ramsey and Gary Ramsey In memory of Richard and Rosemary Selzer Ms. Denise Rieth Ms. Lynne Selzer In memory of Douglas Sewell Mrs. Marion E. Sewell In memory of H.E. and Mildred Shalkhauser Mr. and Mrs. Melvin J. Grunau In honor of Trilok Sharma MD Mrs. Loretta M. Kobus-Sage In memory of Chris Shea Mr. Timothy Shea In memory of Harold J. Sheets Mrs. Shirley Sheets In memory of Harry and Mary Sheldon Mr. and Mrs. George R. Steets In memory of Mary Ella Shinn Preformed Line Products Company Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. David C. Sunkle In memory of Michael J. Shugar Mr. and Mrs. James R. Shugar In memory of Paul Sieracki Ms. Sandra Sieracki In memory of Eugene Silvasky Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Giel Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James J. Lallo Ms. Ruth Ricci Mr. and Mrs. Elmer R. Theman Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Zinz In honor of Bobbie Simmerman Ms. Joanna Pretz-Anderson and Reverend David P. Anderson The Sam J. Frankino Foundation Michael and Erma Kalinich Rochelle and Joel Marx Mrs. Anne L. Pennock In memory of Dennis Simmerman First Evangelical Lutheran Church Brad and Beth Fischer Mrs. Pamela Z. Hebert Mr. and Mrs. Michael McCollum Mr. and Mrs. John J. Miller Dean and Karen Miller Mr. and Mrs. Bruce J. Peterson Mr. and Mrs. David Simmerman Bobbie Simmerman-Ramsey and Gary Ramsey In memory of Edward Simmerman Mr. and Mrs. Michael McCollum In memory of Barbara Sinclair Mrs. Joan Martin In memory of Thomas Skeens Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Hale Mr. George G. Morris Jr. Mr. Kenneth B. Novack Mr. and Mrs. James H. Ries Mrs. Donna Skeens Mr. and Mrs. Brian Stransky Ms. Susan White In memory of Lucille Slattery Michael and Mary Slattery In memory of Jessie Slimak Lynne Chakan Stark In memory of Jeanette Slominski Mr. and Mrs. Rick Gluszek In memory of Jean and Ted Slusarczyk Ms. Virginia M. Bock In memory of Charles and Mary Smearman Mr. and Mrs. Larry A. Hirt In memory of Donald Max Smith Mr. and Mrs. Jay P. York In memory of Smitty and Mary Smith Mr. and Mrs. Michael McCollum In memory of Michael Smith Wright Ms. Mary Ann Horvath In memory of David Snell Mr. and Mrs. Dave Snell In memory of Alma Snow Wayne and Debbie Brassell In memory of James Snyder Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Hicks In memory of William J. Snyder Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Twardeck Mr. and Mrs. Craig Rocheck In memory of Jean M. Sobek Mr. and Mrs. Leonard J. Koncz In memory of Nellie Soltis Mr. and Mrs. Kevin R. Drapcho In memory of Olga Spear Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Brighter Mrs. Antonio Bussonich Mr. and Mrs. James K. Castelberg Mr. and Mrs. Bob Gaydos Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Herrick Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Hovan Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Hovan Ms. Joyce M. Korn Mr. and Mrs. Tom Mulholland Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. Neill Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Papke Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Pociask Ms. Nina R. Ridolfo Ms. Sophia I. Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Schad Mr. George E. Spear Ms. Constance J. Toland Mr. and Mrs. Dave Walloweicz In memory of Betty Spehar Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Petras Sr. In memory of Raymond Spieth Mrs. Dolores M. Spieth In memory of Lucille Spisak Mr. and Mrs. Allen C. Arabian Mr. and Mrs. Theodore C. Athanas Ms. Gayle Irmen Dr. and Mrs. Nawaf Nseir In memory of Mary Spooner Mr. and Mrs. Craig Rocheck In memory of Charles L. and Angela Stalzer Mr. Theodore J. Stalzer In memory of Horst Stehle Mrs. Marian Stehle In memory of Ralph J. Stein Mrs. Nina M. Stein In memory of Charles Stephan Sr. Mr.andMrs.CharlesR.Stephan Jr. In memory of Arlene and Donald Sterling Ms. Beverly Baker In memory of Joanne Stewart Mr. and Mrs. James A. Manning In memory of Jerry Stockman Mrs. Joyce A. Stockman In memory of Rosalie Stoner Mr. Brian A. Kljun In memory of Agnes Stratton Ms. LeeAnn Augustine Ms. Penny Bailey Mr. Kirk Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Clough Mr. Walter Davis Ms. Linda Denny Mr. and Mrs. James M. Durkot Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Francesangelo Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas J. Furio Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gadosik Vonnie George Ms. Mary E. Grace Mr. and Mrs. Mike Krall Mrs. Rose Marie Kronen