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Memorial and Honorarium Gifts Continued Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Kuhar Ms. Carol Laux Ms. Eileen Lawrence Mr. and Mrs. David Leoce Ms. Deanna Levenger Mr. Frank Margida Ms. Sharon Muncrief Ms. Valerie Reidthaler Ms. Joyce Roth Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schroeder Ms. Elizabeth Serri Mr. Vinnie Spitali Mr. Scott Swierkosz Ms. Christy Weaver Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Williams Woodridge High School In memory of Margaret A. Stribling Ms. Amy L. Biernacki and Ms. Laura P. Biernacki Mr. Robert M. Clayton II Kim LaRosa In memory of Dorothy Sundell Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Cummins In memory of Jack Sutter Dick and Sandy Heidecker In memory of Florence Suttle Mr. Raymond Suttle In memory of Donald and Elsie Swartz Mrs. Linda L. Swartz In memory of Helen Sykes Mr. Charles Sykes In memory of Marjorie Szabo Mr. Louis Szabo In memory of Marilyn Szasz Mrs. Kathleen L. Lingo In memory of Helen Szeredy Mr. and Mrs. Walter B. Zawadski In memory of Helen Tamerlano Ms. Rosemary E. Riley In memory of Alma F. Tancino Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin F. Tancinco In honor of Dr. Usharani Tandra Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Deacon In memory of Doris Thies Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Oslin Sr. In memory of Daniel Thomas Ms. Agnes Butler Ms. V. Renee Uveges In memory of Arthur and Concetta Thuener Mr. and Mrs. Ross A. Thuener In memory of Karla Thurber Mr. Karlon C. Parsons In memory of Robert Tinsley Ms. Donna Tinsley In memory of Paul Tomashefski Mr. and Mrs. Ben Dobrowolski In memory of Rudy Tomsick Mr. and Mrs. Michael McCollum In memory of Anthony Tortorici Ms. Beverly M. Lake In memory of Dale Toth Ms. Sheena Toth In memory of Andrew James Trayte Mr. Harold E. Kinzy In memory of Doris Treadon Rev. John W. Caddey In honor of Joseph Trunzo MD Wayne and Debbie Brassell In memory of Christine Warchak Tyrpak Mr. and Mrs. Barry E. Warchak In memory of Frank Stanley Valencic Mr. and Mrs. Wallace E. Heiden Mrs. Cheryl A. Valencic In memory of Camillo Carl Valente Mrs. Shirley A. Buit Mr. and Mrs. William R. Forister Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Hanwell Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey W. Krueger Ms. Antoinette Valente Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Hanwell Musca Properties LLC Mr. and Mrs. Charles V. Skripko Mr. and Mrs. John Thomas Ms. Antoinette Valente In memory of Polly Valentine Mr. and Mrs. David A. Mayfield In memory of Julia Van Jura Mr. and Mrs. William J. Van Jura In memory of Rose Van Nortwick Mr. and Mrs. Richard Spinner In memory of Joseph Vehonsky Mrs. Nancy Colvin Ms. Rita Loper S. and I. Rzucidlo Ms. Claire M. Trueman In memory of Horst G. Vennekohl Mrs. G.E. Vennekohl In memory of Betty Verdino Bay Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Stephan Budzina Mrs. Donnalee Cotone Mr. Bradley Curtis Mrs. Vivian L. Gordon Ms. Joanne Hudson Mr. and Mrs. Eric Staebell Mr. Peter Thum In memory of Hilda Verlei Wayne and Debbie Brassell In memory of Elizabeth Vinci Ms. Tanya Vinci In memory of James Volle Ms. Stephanie J. Volle In memory of Irene Voorhees Mrs. Candice Formanek In memory of John R. Vrsansky Cynthia and Richard Schulz In memory of Roy Walkup Mr. and Mrs. David S. Santoro In memory of Alice Waltz Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Needham In honor of Gregory P. Warren MD Mrs. Nina M. Stein Ms. Mary C. Warren In honor of Pam Washkewicz Mayor and Mrs. Thomas P. Perciak In memory of Andrew Wasko Jr. Mrs. Donna Wasko In memory of James H. and Julia D. Weaver Mrs. Dorothy V. Bicking In memory of Elsa Weber Mr. and Mrs. Wayne R. Angstrom In memory of Mary Lou Weber Mr. and Mrs. Glenn R. Weber In memory of Geraldine Weida Ms. Jamie M. Fisher In memory of Harold Weida Mrs. Cara Padin In memory of Walter E. Welke Mrs. Joyce T. Welke In memory of Craig E. Wellman Ms. Carol A. Russo In honor of Edward White M.D. Marian and Michael Badaczewski In memory of Kenneth J. White Ms. Eileen Healey Mr. and Mrs. Neal M. Jamison Mr. and Mrs. Tom P. Moran Mr. and Mrs. John J. Moran Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Moran Mr. and Mrs. Terrance M. OToole Ms. Mary Ann OToole Mrs. Ruth Pawlowski Mr. Dennis Steiger Mr. and Mrs. David Washington Mr. Robert A. White Mrs. Colleen White In memory of Patricia L. Wiesmann Mrs. Dorothy V. Bicking In memory of Robert H. Wilkins Mrs. Laverne H. Wilkins In memory of Donald E. Williams Merv and Pat Ault Ms. Rebecca J. Frampton Mrs. Jane A. Marting-Miller Medical Records Staff of Southwest General Bobbie Simmerman-Ramsey and Gary Ramsey Ms. Christine J. and Ms. Pamela S. Wilson-Marshall In memory of Evelyn Williams Mr. and Mrs. Michael McCollum In memory of Shelley Williams Ms. Gerrie E. Berena Dr. and Mrs. John R. Blakemore Mrs. Joyce M. Boddy Ms. Janet M. Carpenter Mr. and Mrs. Everard B. Corcoran Double Moose Management Mr. and Mrs. Harl L. Evans Mr. and Mrs. Albert E. Evans