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Ms. Michelle Fabrizi Mr. William S. Felinski Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Ferraro Mrs. Sharon J. Kacic Kids First Learning Centers Ms. Colleen Kranick Mrs. Jane A. Marting-Miller Mr. and Mrs. James E. McCrea Ms. Sheila Mullen Mr. and Mrs. William G. Nickels Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Papa Mrs. Anne L. Pennock Mrs. Elaine M. Petrovich Randall L. Reesing Mrs. Marilyn L. Reihs Ms. Kristi J. Ritchie Mr. and Mrs. Dale E. Scrivens Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Stahlman Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey C. Stanley Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Strohmenger Mr. and Mrs. H. Allen Tadych Mrs. Nancy E. Taylor Mr. Scott A. Williams Mr. Paul Wilson Ronald C. Wise In memory of Wilbur Williams Mr. and Mrs. Michael McCollum In memory of Paul Winkel Mr. John R. Haight In memory of Joan Wirtz Mrs. Helene Fossum In memory of Nancy Wise Mrs. Cara Padin In memory of Charles Wither Mrs. Jean A. Wither In memory of Richard J. Woelfle Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Alcox Mrs. Natalie J. Woelfle In memory of Stella Wojtaszek Mr. and Mrs. Rick Gluszek In memory of Rose Mary Wolanski Mr. Paul E. Wolanski In memory of Wilbur Frank Wolfe Ms. Rosemary Wolfe In memory of Stephen L. Wright Mrs. Jean Wright In memory of Vernon L. Wright Mrs. Jean Wright In memory of Kimberly J. Yackly Simpson Mrs. Charlotte Bammerlin McBrayer Law Firm Ms. Linda Rutherford Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Saal Mr. and Mrs. Robert Simpson Mr. Gregory B. West Mr. Franklin E. Yackly In memory of John Yurchenko Mr. George D. Lawson and Ms. B. Susan Scott In memory of Rose Zamaria Charles and Patricia Zamaria In memory of Marlene Zawadski Mr. and Mrs. Walter B. Zawadski In memory of Carol Zechman Mr. Kevin Zechman In memory of Carl Zehner Mr. Robert E. Laboda In memory of Joe and Eloise Zeleznak Deborah J. Zeleznak In honor of Wenhui Zhu MD Mrs. Mary J. Decker In memory of Bernard M. and Concetta Ziebro Mr. and Mrs. Ross A. Thuener In memory of Osvalds Ziedins Ms. Erika Grendze In memory of Stanlene Zimmerman Mr. and Mrs. Christopher R. Lowe Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Raymond In memory of Edward Zinzow Ms. Carol Zinzow In memory of Peter C. Zubricky Mr. and Mrs. Michael McCarty In memory of Rosemary Zubricky Mr. and Mrs. Richard Byrnes Mrs. Colleen DeVenney Mr. and Mrs. Michael McCarty Mr. and Mrs. John M. Mikals Ms. Sheila Patterson Mr. and Mrs. Stan Peters Mr. and Mrs. James Spuhler In memory of Angelo Zuino Mrs. and Mr. Kathy A. Benedict