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Pictured left to right Fred Sauvey veteran United States Marines Jim Boylan veteran United States Air Force Dennis Beckman veteran United States Army Pictured center Barb Rochford volunteer coordinator Hospice Services Fred Jim and Dennis are active hospice volunteers who serve on the planning committee as well as provide visits and salutes for veteran patients. To learn more about Hospice Services and the We Honor Veterans program call Southwest Generals Health Connection at 440-816-5050 or visit Working in Hospice Services of Southwest General means not only that I am able to earn my living by offering my skill and experience to people in my community but also that I have the privilege of offering assistance during the last days of a persons life journey. Through my time working with Hospice Services I have had the honor of bearing witness to many of our patients stories as well as honoring what each individual is about and what he or she has contributed. It is remarkable to experience the joy of a family member sharing a picture or story about their loved one and hearing how that person has impacted their community. Most recently it has been an honor to be a pivotal contributor in the hospitals We Honor Veterans program. A third of all patients in our hospice care program are military veterans. A veterans time in service is often a very important part of his or her life experience and we felt it was our duty to support veterans during this vulnerable time especially as they reflect on their life. Barb Rochford volunteer coordinator Hospice Services Barb Barb Rochford volunteer coordinator Hospice Services has long provided her educational spiritual and healing touch during her 26-year career at Southwest General. Most recently however Barb has been instrumental in spearheading the We Honor Veterans programs at The Thomas P. Perciak Family Residential Hospice. The program developed by the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization recognizes our nations veterans who are in hospice care and honors them for their service contribution in helping to preserve our freedom. Honoring Our Servicemen and Women Barb Rochford volunteer coordinator Hospice Services