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A Helping Hand When You Need it Most When youve worked somewhere a while you start to build personal relationships. When this happens work becomes more than just a job it becomes part of who you are. Many Southwest General employees have significant years of service and they experience this connection which inspires them to provide the very best of themselves and in turn an outstanding level of customer service. Feel Safe Connected No Matter Where You Are Southwest General is putting safety at the top of its priority list with theSWG Safeappbecoming the very first hospital in the nation to launch. Tristan I love what I do at Southwest General. I am given the opportunity to help people every dayto keep them safe and to help solve problems. The Protection Services Department is entrusted with protecting the patients visitors and staff as well as the buildings and grounds owned and operated by Southwest General. This is a tremendous responsibility and the sergeants officers and dispatchers do an outstanding job of making Southwest General one of the safest hospitals in Ohio. I take great pride in working for Southwest General. I have worked here for the past 20 years and consider it my second home. The people who make up Southwest General are truly family and it is an honor being a part of something so great. Chief Tristan Harker Protection Services Val This June I will celebrate 21 years as a registered nurse at Southwest General. Currently I work as a community nurse. I have the opportunity to meet our community members in this role at our recreation centers libraries city events schools and elsewhereall while offering free health screenings such as blood pressure glucose cholesterol bone density and more. Also I serve as a transition nursea new service offering for cardiac and respiratory patients. As a transition nurse I am able to take as much time as required to meet the needs of the patientnot only physically but also at times emotionally and financially connecting them with the appropriate community resources. Knowing Ive made a difference in someones life is a very rewarding aspect of my job. Southwest General has been very good to me over the years and I am proud to be a nurse here. Val Grzybowski RN community and transition nurse Community Nurse Program Val Grzybowski RN community and transition nurse Community Nurse Program left and Chief Tristan Harker Protection Services