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Photo Chief Tristan Harker Left and Val Grzybowski Right Working at Southwest General provides me with the opportunity to help patients to participate in collaborative learning and problem solving and to grow from experiences. Through my position answering the Health Connection phone line I am able to educate support and encourage callers as they work through their health-related issues. It is our goal to provide community members with the tools they need to make the best decision possible about their health care. This December I will celebrate 20 years of my professional life at Southwest General. I love that I get to be a part of building connections and providing care for our community members as well as being part of something great at Southwest General Lisa Crea RN Health Connection Donna So often patients call Health Connection not knowing where to start or what kind of treatment they should seek. They have many questions regarding their own health care and often the health care issues of their loved ones. With more than 60 years of health care experience collectively we are able to point them in the right direction and help them navigate the often complicated health care system. Even though I am not doing the physical aspect of nursing I still am able to have that positive impact of care by providing information and referrals for patients. Doing so gives me a great sense of self-worth. It is a pleasure and privilege to work at Southwest General. I cant imagine doing anything else Donna Srp RN Health Connection Community Nurse Program Southwest General is committed to proactively delivering easily accessible high-quality health care services to residents of the surrounding communities. To this end Southwest Generals Community Nurses offer health screenings and educational programs to community members of all ages Most screenings are free and offered throughout the year in convenient neighborhood locations. For more information visit Free Physician Referral and Health Information Phone Line Southwest Generals Health Connection is staffed by registered nurses who are available to help guide community members through the health care maze. To reach Health Connection call 440-816-5050 Monday through Friday 8 a.m.-430 p.m. This top-notch safety services app gives consumers an even greater sense of safety when they are out and about not only at Southwest General locations but also in any community. To learn more about the SWG Safe app as well as how to download it on your device visit o Lisa Crea RN left and Donna Srp RN Health Connection Lisa