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A Revolutionary Approach to Radiation Therapy

Ireland Cancer Center is now UH Seidman Cancer Center at Southwest General and will now be treating patients with the TomoTherapy® Hi-Art® treatment system, which offers a revolutionary approach to radiation therapy.

The system looks very much like a CT scanner because it is a CT scanner. Making use of the CT scanner design, the Hi-Art combines daily CT imaging with an innovative, radiation delivery pattern. It delivers precise, powerful doses of radiation from a full 360 degrees around the patient, compared to only a few angles from conventional radiation therapy machines. The result is radiation therapy that pinpoints tumors like never before. Its amazing accuracy allows the system to target and destroy cancer cells while minimizing damage to healthy, surrounding tissue.

For cancer patients, such unparalleled accuracy and precision means:

    HelicalBeam diagram
  • More effective treatment delivery
  • Shorter treatment times
  • Fewer side effects
  • Faster recovery times
  • Less pain and discomfort

Combined with the recognized expertise of our board-certified radiation oncologists, Southwest General now has the ability to, literally, run rings around cancer.

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